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KWK -Académia de Idiomas y traducciones


More than 25 years of experience in the translation industry: technical, business and sworn translations in all languages.
If you need to translate a text, please contact us for a quote. Once your order is confirmed, you will obtain a quality work by a professional translator.
You can send the documents to be translated by email, though the sworn translation can only be delivered in a printed format.

We offer translations in all fields:

• General translations

• Technical translations: engineering, computing, naval, scientific, magazine publications, medical reports,…
• Sworn translations. Some of the documents requiring a sworn translation: powers of attorney, contracts, deeds, wills, academic degrees and diplomas to be officially accredited, scholarships, …
If you request a sworn translation, you will need the services of a Sworn Translator (authorized and empowered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). In KWK we work with Sworn Translators in all languages. They are professionals specialized in the fields of law, economics, medicine,…

• Rates: our rates are very competitive and are according to the complexity and volume of the text as well as its urgency.

• Confidentiality: we ensure the confidentiality through a contract signed both by the company and its staff.

• Quality control: our translators have a perfect command of the languages from which they translate and they only translate into their mother tongue.

Our HHRR policy: as far as possible,  we recruit the following professionals as proofreaders: lawyers, university professors, experts in finance and in other business areas, consultants, engineers and other professionals with a background in Law, Economics, Business, Engineering, Computing, Social Sciences, etc. Each translation is assigned to a translator with a strong and verifiable background in the pertinent field 
All our translators and assistants commit themselves to provide their services in a way to satisfy our customers' requirements within the deadlines agreed upon and without any errors. We always give our professionals clear instructions and make sure they understand the objectives of the translation order as we understand them so that to guarantee a measurable quality in line with our customers' expectations.

• Regulated operations: to deliver the long-term projects, we have developed clear processes that are constantly improved. Our quality system is based on a methodical follow-up of each project that results in the effective organization of individual and collective responsibilities as well as clearly defined processes, verification phases and the human skills needed for the quality management.

We have taken part in translation projects for national and international companies and organizations. Some of our customers: Altadis, Endesa, Thyssen-Krupp, Tractebel Gas Engineering, Lux-Feldman Nuclear Engineering, Navantia, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, ...


KWK works with interpreters of the main European languages. All of them are members of national and international associations and highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Our interpretation services:

• Simultaneous interpretation: the most suitable one for conferences, congresses, … The interpreter translates in real time.

• Consecutive interpretation: ideal for short conferences, press conferences, … The interpreter writes down notes of each person’s speech and once it is finished, he/she reproduces it in the requested language.

• Linking interpretation: for meetings where one of the persons does not know the language of work. The interpreter sits by him/her and translates what the participants say in a low voice.

• Sworn interpretation: for official issues, in courts or in notarial acts where a Sworn Translator is needed.

• Whispering interpretation: the interpreter whispers to the customer and translates what the interlocutor says.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our translation and interpretation services or if you need a quote for your project.